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Professional Experience and Credentials 

Member of:

Working Languages:

  • Portuguese (A)

  • English (B)

  • Spanish (C)

Relevant Conference Work:


  • Official Working Visit of the President of Brazil; including a bilateral meeting between President Bolsonaro and the Former Secretary of Treasury Hank Paulson; Washington, D.C. 2019

  • Vice-President General Mourao of Brazil Press Conference at the US Chamber of Commerce; Washington, D.C. 2019

  • Navigating China and the U.S.: A Conversation with Prime Minister Jose Ulisses de Pina Correia e Silva of Cape Verde at the Center for Strategic and International Studies; Washington, D.C. 2019


  • Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) - Webinario sobre Inteligência artificial (REDETSA), 2022

  • PAHO / WHO - Revision de la Iniciativa de Campeones de la Malaria, 2022

  • PAHO / WHO - Hepatitis Elimination Pilot Exercise in Brazil, 2022

  • PAHO / WHO - Status of Contact Tracing in the Americas, 2022

  • PAHO / WHO -  International Training course on CDC Influenza and SARS-CoV-2 multiplex assay, 2021 

  • PAHO / WHO - Aspergilosis Pulmonar resistente en el siglo XXI"/Follow-up on resistant Pulmonary Aspergillosis in the 21st century, 2021

  • PAHO / WHO - COVID -19 Genomic Surveillance Regional Network, 2021

  • PAHO / WHO - I Semana de Educação e Trabalho Interprofissional em Saúde da Faculdade Pernambuca de Saúde

  •  PAHO / WHO - La atención a las personas mayores durante y después de la COVID19, 2020

  • PAHO / WHO  Consultation Meeting on Addressing Malaria in High-burden Municipalities; Washington, D.C. 2018

  • The HIV Vaccine Trials Network HVTN; Washington, D.C. 2015, 2016 & 2017 and Seattle, WA 2017

  • International Women’s Health Coalition; New York, NY 2019


  • World Bank – First Africa Virtual Knowledge Exchange Forum on Human Capital / Strengthening Human Capital in Africa in the context of overlapping crises and fragilities, 2022

  • World Bank –  Virtual report launch: A Comprehensive Assessment of RBF in Education, 2021

  • World Bank – Africa CSO and Parliamentary Development Dialogue; Washington, D.C. 2019

  • World Bank – The Good Regulatory Practice (GRP); Washington, D.C. 2018

  • World Bank – Road Safety Planning in Brazil; Washington, D.C. 2018

  • Visa Payment Forum; Washington, D.C. 2015 & 2018 & Chicago, IL 2019


  • Staff Interpreter for the Inter-American Defense College, Washington, D.C. 2015 to 2018

  • Africa Center for Strategic Studies, an academic institution within the U.S. Department of Defense established and funded by the Congress - Virtual Academic Program since 2020

  • VI Foro Interamericano sobre Justicia Mitilar y Derecho Operacional; San Antonio, TX 2018

  • Inter-American Defense Board (IADB) – Conference Cyber Defense in the Americas; Washington, D.C. 2018

  • Inter-American Defense Board (IADB) – Strengthening the Inter-American Convention on Transparency in Conventional Weapons Acquisitions (CITAAC); Washington, D.C. 2017

  • CHOD Chiefs of Defense Conference, annual conference of the nations in the Asia-Pacific region, “The Future Security Environment: Challenges, Complexity and Cooperation” Victoria Canada 2017

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